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Evan is a user-friendly, source-based SystemC design, development and verification platform. Evan provides traditional C++ IDE capabilities along with hardware design and verification tools.
Mazdak & Alborz presents Evan as a windows-based EDA tool for a quick and easy enter-point into the SystemC design era.
Evan Combines Software and Hardware IDE capabilities and provides all necessary tools for design and verification of SystemC Models.

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Evan Features:

Supports OSCI reference simulators including SystemC 2.1, SCV and TLM libraries.
Supports Mentor AVM (Advanced Verifacation Methodology) library for verification.
Supports IDE-style project management for creating SystemC models.
Provides SystemC model compiling through standard GCC compiler in Windows platform.
Shows hardware style details of the SystemC models in a design browser.
Shows software style details of the SystemC models in a source browser.
Equipped with a syntax highlighting editor aware of SystemC code and other advanced GUI features.
Equipped with virtual console and waveform viewer for evaluating SystemC models.
Provides SystemC-aware debugging operations including break-point insertion, tracing and value examining using GDB.

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